Edward Kyle Secades voluntarily leaves 'PBB 737' house

MANILA, Philippines – Edward Kyle Secades, 17 has decided to leave the Pinoy Big Brother house voluntarily. 

Kyle, also known as "Mr. Nice Guy ng San Juan," cited personal reasons for his departure. He said that he was having a difficult time adjusting to the environment in the house and he wasn't used to being away from his family. 

Kyle was one of four nominees for eviction on July 18. The others nominated were Karlos Lorenzo "Kenzo" Gutierrez, Kamille Filoteo, and Ylona Jade Garcia. The nominees were given the chance to save themselves through the "Lig-Task" challenge, where they had to grab letters that from a hanging grille and spell out the word "ligtas." Kyle won the challenge by spelling out the entire word. 

Pinoy Big Brother announced on Twitter that voting for eliminations was being stopped on Wednesday, July 22, before it was revealed that Kyle was voluntarily leaving. 

BREAKING NEWS! #PBB737HamonNgBuhay pic.twitter.com/o0Olbn2StH — Pinoy Big Brother (@PBBabscbn) July 22, 2015

– Rappler.com