Meet Elizabeth Frances, the Fil-Am actress starring in AMC's 'The Son'

Through art programs, she’s seen kids who were afraid to just get up in front of their peers to talk, become confident and own who they are, and ultimately express themselves. 

Elizabeth recalled an experience in one of these programs. A little girl, who she thinks might have been Mexican-American, came up to her and asked, “How do you become confident?”

This is when she realized the power of representation and her responsibility as an artist. She went home that day thinking, “Why did she ask me?”

“My friend said, ‘You look mixed, and you’re this confident woman in front of all these kids,'” Elizabeth narrated. “So there’s an identification that happens, and the little girl goes, ‘She’s like me! So maybe I can do that!’ And I think that’s really powerful.”

Being mixed may be challenging, but it’s given Elizabeth a real awareness of and empathy toward other people. This helps her both as a philanthropist and as an actress.

“At the end of the day, we all want to be loved, we all want to have agency, we all want to be prosperous, we all want to feel important,” she said. “Whether you’re on a horse in 1849, or on a laptop in 2017, you still want the same types of things.” –