Erich Gonzales confirms breakup with Daniel Matsunaga

MANILA, Philippines  (UPDATED)– Erich Gonzales confirmed that she and Daniel Matsunaga have broken up.

"It's true po that we're not together anymore. It's over, " she said in an interview with ABS-CBN Thursday, February 9.

Erich said she would rather not reveal the reason of their breakup. The two were together for two years. 

"I just want to move on. Hindi po kami nag-uusap. (We're not talking to each other) It's not true that we're talking. Hindi po kami magkaibigan. Walang third party po (We're not friends. There's no third party in the breakup)," she said. 

She confirmed that she deleted photos of her and Daniel on her Instagram account. As of now, Erich said she would like to focus on herself. 

Erich was asked if money had anything do with the breakup. However, she said: "Tungkol sa pera, ayoko na po magdetalye tungkol diyan. (With regards to money, I don't want to talk about it.)  Like what I said, I just really wanna move on."

When asked what she's learned from this relationship, the actress said: " Lesson siguro is pag nagmahal ka, kailangan mo magtira ka pa para sarili mo." (The lesson I guess is when you love someone, you need to leave something for yourself.)

Meanwhile, in an interview with Pep, Daniel denied that they never broke up because of money.

“It was never about money like what a lot of people are thinking right now,” he said. 

Daniel also said that he's leaving everything at this point to God. 

Rumors of the couple's breakup surfaced when Erich deleted their photos on her social media accounts and unfollowed Daniel and his family on Instagram. According to a report from Pep, Daniel pleaded fans to stop speculating that a third party was the reason of their breakup. He also asked for privacy for him and Erich.

The two first confirmed their relationship back in 2015. They met during the taping of Kris Aquino's Palawan trip. (READ: How Erich Gonzales and Daniel Matsunaga became an item)

They worked together on the set of Two Wives before having their show Be My Lady last year.  –