WATCH: 'Fifty Accents of Grey' with Jamie Dornan and Jimmy Fallon

MANILA, Philippines – Jimmy Fallon is in on the Fifty Shades craze when he and Christian Grey himself, Jamie Dornan read a few excerpts from the novel. 

The host first introduced the segment called Fifty Accents of Grey, where Jimmy presented an accent generator button, loaded “with thousands of random accents from all over the world.” The button is then pressed and after a quick scan, a randomized accent appears. 

A few lines from the Fifty Shades of Grey novel were presented on screen for the person to read in the chosen accent. (READ: 'Fifty Shades of Gray' gets R-18 rating in the Philippines)

Who did better, Jamie or Jimmy? Will you be seeing Fifty Shades in theaters? Let us know in the comments below. –

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