Filipino celebs say #NotoCybercrimeLaw

MANILA, Philippines - Over the past few weeks, various groups and individuals from different walks of life have expressed their opposition to the controversial Cybercrime Prevention Law.

It didn't take too long for the most social-savvy of local celebrities to push out their stand on the measure. 

Check out what Saab Magalona, Maxene Magalona, Bianca Gonzalez, Anne Curtis-Smith, and Erwan Heussaff, among others, had to say:

[ View the story "Filipino celebrities speak up against Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012" on Storify ] Filipino celebrities speak up against Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012 Storified by Rappler · Wed, Oct 03 2012 01:49:12 Pagusapan natin ang Anti-Cybercrime Law sa Saabmarine Teleradyo. Sunday 9PM w me & @rarivera9! Special guests TBA! Magalona So.. We can't use social media, a VERY powerful form of communication, to say what we want or what needs to be said? #NoToCyberCrimeLawMaxene Magalona I understand that the #CyberCrimeLaw means well.. But the people have fought too hard for freedom of speech for it to be taken away.Maxene Magalona gives me hope seeing so many black twitter profile photos! #ReviseCyberCrimeLawbianca gonzalez we're not afraid of being penalized, we're more afraid that a bill that potentially supresses our freedom of expression was passed into law.bianca gonzalez actually mukhang mas madaming taong mas naglabas ng opinyon ngayon dahil sa #cybercrimelaw issue. ayus! #ReviseCyberCrimeLawbianca gonzalez kung saka-sakali, (pero syempre sana hindi) sabay sabay tayo sa kulungan, (kung magkasya tayo!) at least pinaglaban. #ReviseCyberCrimeLawbianca gonzalez Being someone thats active in the Social Media world I couldn't help but feel sad & scared while reading the Cybercrime Act.Anne Curtis-Smith Whatever happened to Freedom of speech? Having an opinion? Expressing oneself? These are our own accounts. Our property. Our lives.Anne Curtis-Smith And now if we share our opinions we can get into trouble with the law? Put behind bars? Fined a ridiculous amount even?Anne Curtis-Smith The cybercrime act does have some responsible points that should be included & implemented BUTAnne Curtis-Smith BUT going to extent of having a law that takes away a freedom we should all rightfully have just seems wrong to me.Anne Curtis-Smith Even if I know that as a celebrity I'd probably even benefit from the act but at the end of the day i'm still a citizen of this countryAnne Curtis-Smith & we should all have equal rights. I just feel its so one sided. I hope they consider REVISING  the crybercrime act.Anne Curtis-Smith An act that takes away a citizen's freedom & right to hear/read/tweet/retweet/blog/post/like about the good & bad things about our countryAnne Curtis-Smith I'm afraid will do the complete opposite. I am for the Revision of the Cybercrime Act.Anne Curtis-Smith There's now a law enforced by the Philippine government "Filipinos who are seen cyber bullying will be prosecuted", yet the Philippine tourism ad campaign is 'Its More Fun In the Philippines' What gives? You've just taken away people's freedom of speech. #justsayin' #contradicting #corrupt - Wouldn't be surprised if I go to jail after thisRobbie Becroft Future Cybercriminal? #mugshot #ReviseCyberCrimeLaw Heussaff Anyone who sends me spam mail today,Twitter haters, Impersonators and all, beware, i will file a case against youErwan Heussaff How can we even trust a senator whose immediate response is to lie?Isabella Magalona Blame your Twitter update on your 6 yr old brother ("he used my computer!") at least he won't be penalized. Or will he?Isabella Magalona Can something like "Bakit ko naman iko-quote yung blogger? Blogger lang yun" be considered slanderous? It dishonors and discredits bloggers?Isabella Magalona Should I go to my scheduled meetings today or do you think they'll understand given that "God is showing us his wrath for RA10175"Isabella Magalona I just don't think a case filed against sarcasm has a chance to win.Isabella Magalona Happy Death of Internet Freedom Day, everyone! To raise awareness abt wrong provisions of Anti-Cybercrime Law RT @yalungpam: @saabmagalona Why'd you change your dp into black? :)))Isabella Magalona


Singer Pochoy Labog and his former band mates from Dicta License came up with a cover of the Rage Against the Machine song "Killing In the Name." Check it out here:


Rappler is one of the many groups that stand against the Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012.