This character makes a shocking 'Game of Thrones' return

MANILA, Philippines – Game of Thrones returns this week under the shadow of the last episode's tragic ending. But this sixth season has some of its glimmers of hope – its bright moments, so to speak.

The sixth episode, titled "Blood of My Blood," continues in this regard albeit in a very grim situation – as expected of the show – with the looming threat of the White Walkers.

Previous episodes saw two of the remaining Starks reuniting (Sansa and Jon Snow) and reemerging (Rickon, unfortunately in the hands of dastardly Ramsay Bolton). This one sees another Stark reunion, and it comes very unexpectedly.

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Photo by Helen Sloan/HBO, courtesy of HBO Asia



Next week's Game of Thrones episode, "The Broken Man," airs on HBO at 9am in Asia (simulcast with the US) and has an encore telecast at 9pm.