LOOK: Arya and Robb Stark reunite…sort of

MANILA, Philippines – In a moment much-awaited by Game of Thrones fans around the world, Robb and Arya Stark have reunited – or at least the actors playing them have.

Maisie Williams, who plays Arya in the HBO hit, shared a photo on October 26 with Richard Madden, who played Arya’s eldest brother Robb until the show’s third season, when the character was killed in the infamous Red Wedding.

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Richard had watched Maisie in I And You, a play currently running at the Hampstead Theatre in London. He also shared the photo on his own Instagram.

In the snap, the two are all snuggled up and happy – which is a far cry from the last time Thrones fans saw the two actors together.

If you managed to block it out of your memory, here’s a refresher: the last glimpse Arya had of Robb was after he was killed: of his headless body being paraded around with his direwolf’s head stitched on top.

Thankfully, there’s less blood and gore this time around – though all that violence will surely come back with a vengeance when the show returns in the first half of 2019. – Rappler.com