Gretchen Barretto throws party after dismissal of Kris Aquino's case vs Nicko Falcis

MANILA, Philippines – Gretchen Barretto knows how to throw a good party. And so when the qualfied theft case filed by Kris Aquino against former business manager Nicko Falcis was dismissed by the Makati city prosecutor, the former actress of course celebrated by throwing a party at her home in Makati last Saturday, February 23

In social media posts, Gretchen was spotted with some friends including manager Bettina Aspillaga, Dolor Guevarra, as well as Frontrow head and actor RS Francisco. The caption of the photos read: "Thanksgiving celebration for our dearest [Nicko Falcis] [Jesus Falcis] and I love you ... and I need you."

Jesus is the lawyer brother of Nicko. Kris has also sued Jesus for cyber libel. Neither of the Falcis brothers were seen in the pictures taken during Gretchen's thanksgiving party.

Screenshot from Gretchen Barretto Instagram

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In case you're wondering what Gretchen has to do with the case, here's the thing: she technically doesn't. But in the weeks after the two parties filed cases against each other, Gretchen publicly sided with the Falcis brothers.

Gretchen later accused Kris of meddling in the alleged tax cases of a certain Alice Eduardo, owner of Sta Elena Construction and Development Corporation. Kris has denied the accusation. 

Gretchen's accusations were also debunked by former Bureau Internal Revenue Commissioner Kim Henares, who described as "straight out of a comedy script." –