Gretchen Barretto fires back at sister Marjorie: 'You are radiating with so much anger, envy'

MANILA, Philippines — As Marjorie Barretto granted an exclusive interview on primetime news program TV Patrol, Gretchen took to Instagram – in a matter of minutes – on Tuesday, October 22 to address her sister's allegations following a confrontation at their late father Miguel's wake.

Gretchen posted a series of 3 videos.

In the first video, she said she was not allowed to go to the hospital when their father was ailing because of Marjorie and tensions between her and Caloocan ex-mayor Recom Echeverri.

Marjorie, in the TV Patrol interview, confirmed that Echeverri is the father of her youngest daughter. 

"I was not allowed to go to the hospital because of your outbursts and because there will be more tension for me to see EX MAYOR ECHIVERRI," said Gretchen, adding that their youngest sister Claudine plans to file a molestation case against him.

"The attack of your father, as you say happened as told to me by our mother is because you ARRANGED a lunch party for dad to spite mom for being on Claudine's  side. You did not invite mom and that caused a huge dispute between our parents and the rest is history."

Gretchen added: "Lets stick to each point so people will better understand THE TRUTH. FYI,  relax, you are radiating with so much anger and envy and highly paranoid. I do not have the power to orchestrate a grand entrance with the president of the Philippines. PRDD was kind enough to offer to see me at the wake and only then I was hoping you could control your anger and overwhelming fear of the truth."

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In an earlier post, Gretchen shared a video of herself and mom Inday. She wrote as its caption: "This was a lovely, precious moment , it was about forgiveness, love & a promise to protect our new found mother / daughter relationship. It was a great opportunity to mend all the nasty words thrown to eachother.It was a dream come true for me to finally hear the words i love you from my mother ( something i thought i would never hear till the day of our last breath. Words is not enough to express the feeling ( the blessing).this emotion is not the kind to EXPLODE TO A HYSTERICAL STATE as BEING CLAIMED BY MARJORIE ITCH -Very."

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Gretchen also shared another video – of the same controntation – and said in the caption that Marjorie was "fumming." 

View this post on Instagram This is the part marjorie said to mimi , natalie & wena go ( AT NAGPAGAMIT DIN KAYO KAY GRETCHEN) From the time i arrived at the wake , Marjorie is evidently FUMMING. A post shared by Gretchen Barretto (@gretchenbarretto) on Oct 22, 2019 at 4:49am PDT