[WATCH] First look at upcoming ’Hey Arnold!’ movie

MANILA, Philippines – Hey Arnold! may have ended over a decade ago, but as it turns out, fans haven’t seen the last of the famous football head and his gang of inner city kids. A first look at the upcoming Hey Arnold! The Jungle Movie has been released by Nickelodeon, giving ‘90s kids everywhere a taste of their childhood once again.

The movie is a spinoff from the hit TV series which ran on Nickelodeon from 1994 to 2004. In the preview video, series creator Craig Bartlett goes over the small upgrades that the characters are getting for the movie, which starts in Arnold’s fictional home city, but eventually ends up in a jungle in a central American country.

“This is the movie I always wanted to make,” Bartlett said in the video.

In the movie, Arnold and the gang are set to enter the 6th grade. Arnold will be donning new shoes, as well as a jacket over his usual pullover-and-plaid-shirt combo.

Meanwhile, his best friend Gerald will be getting a slightly new hairstyle, and will be wearing a hoodie instead of his signature 33 jersey.

Helga Pataki, Arnold’s lovelorn admirer, is still rocking her trademark unibrow, pink bow, and snarl – but with new sneakers and a slightly new dress.

Looking very much different is Phoebe, the gang’s token nerd, who is wearing a different outfit entirely.

Aside from new looks, the gang will be on a new adventure as Arnold and his friends take a quest to find his parents, who in the series were revealed to have gone missing in a jungle in San Lorenzo, a fictional South American country.

When Hey Arnold! ended in 2004, Arnold was shown to have found his dad’s old journal, which includes a map to their supposed location. The new movie will be jumping off from this plot line. It will be airing on Nickelodeon, though an exact date has yet to be confirmed. – Rappler.com