WATCH: New clip from ‘Hey Arnold!’ movie

MANILA, Philippines – A new clip from the upcoming Hey Arnold! The Jungle Movie has been released, and it’s packed with scenes that will take fans of the show on a serious nostalgia trip.

Released on the official Hey Arnold Facebook page, the clip shows the entire gang, Arnold’s grandparents, and his neighbors gathered at a rooftop as Gerald and Sid show them a video about “the legend of Arnold."

Various characters are reintroduced in the video: Stoop Kid, spoiled Rhonda, Big Patty, Eugene, and many others – all of them sharing how Arnold helped them in certain situations.

At the end of the clip, the video is shown to be an entry for a contest that will take Arnold and his class to San Lorenzo, the fictional South American country where Arnold’s parents were last known to be. The kids rejoice when they are told that they won the trip because of the video.

The clip ends with a little moment for all Arnold-Helga shippers: knowing that Helga had the idea to make the video, Arnold thanks her and touches her shoulder, giving our favorite secret admirer reason to swoon all the way home.

The movie will air on Nickelodeon in the US on November 23, Thanksgiving Day. –