Lee Jong-suk talks about his dramas, aegyo, and more during PH fan meet

MANILA, Philippines – Fans of Lee Jong-suk flocked to the Araneta Coliseum on Sunday, November 18, to see their favorite Korean actor in the flesh, and as expected, the While You Were Sleeping star did not disappoint.

Jong-suk, who also headlined Korean dramas School 2013, I Can Hear Your Voice, Pinocchio, and W, admitted he was both nervous and excited to meet his Filipino fans for the first time. Thanks to the fans' warm welcome, however, the actor quickly settled in and filled the night with laughter, songs, and his own brand of aegyo (cute display of affection).

Doing recap tweets today of #LeeJongSukinMNL #CrankUpinMNL, starting with this very warm welcome from Filipinos when he walked to the stage to meet the fans! pic.twitter.com/iAnFLk9zsy — Jee Y. Geronimo (@jeegeronimo) November 20, 2018 Asked about his aegyo, Jong-suk says he’s the type to have lots of aegyo in his personal life. #LeeJongSukInMNL #CrankUpInMNL pic.twitter.com/3GYZL53Sfx — Jee Y. Geronimo (@jeegeronimo) November 20, 2018 Watch Jong-suk wave to all his fans who went to Araneta to see him in person! #LeeJongSukInMNL #CrankUpInMNL pic.twitter.com/H9OTL4t7c4 — Jee Y. Geronimo (@jeegeronimo) November 20, 2018


The fan meeting started with actress and host Giselle Sanchez asking Jong-suk personal questions about his family, his stress relievers (meeting his fans is one), and how he plans to spend his last day of 2018 (he'll probably be shooting, but he really wants to spend it in a special way).

Then the actor talked about his last 3 dramas Pinocchio, W, and While You Were Sleeping. Asked about his favorite scene in Pinocchio, Jong-suk couldn't choose one and answered that he likes all of them.

In W, while Jong-suk described his kissing scenes with actress Han Hyo-joo as "intense," he said the most difficult scene for him was when he had to jump from a bridge. He said he was both scared and nervous during the scene.

Jong-suk on his kissing scenes and difficult scenes in W. #LeeJongSukInMNL #CrankUpInMNL pic.twitter.com/HavN2VSEsi — Jee Y. Geronimo (@jeegeronimo) November 20, 2018


But out of the 3 dramas, Jong-suk considers his While You Were Sleeping character Jung Jae-chan as his most memorable character yet. He thinks Jae-chan is "a prosecutor who is very just."

"I think we need prosecutors like those in real life, so I tried really hard to understand the script well and the character as well," Jong-suk said in Korean.

Jong-suk on his While You Were Sleeping character Jae-chan: I think he’s a just prosecutor, and I think we need more prosecutors like those in real life. #LeeJongSukInMNL #CrankUpInMNL pic.twitter.com/4XFgvElQcp — Jee Y. Geronimo (@jeegeronimo) November 20, 2018


During a quick question and answer, fans learned that Jong-suk is a jealous person, he's very active and enthusiastic when falling in love, and that he's not the kind of person to have a consistent ideal type. He also believes a man and a woman can become friends.

Jong-suk: When I want something, I have to have it. #LeeJongSukinMNL #CrankUpInMNL pic.twitter.com/xcOpVs8dCf — Jee Y. Geronimo (@jeegeronimo) November 20, 2018 Jong-suk on his ideal type: I want someone who is wise. #LeeJongSukInMNL #CrankUpInMNL pic.twitter.com/nSWmb1uQa1 — Jee Y. Geronimo (@jeegeronimo) November 20, 2018


Jong-suk also played games with some lucky fans who got to see him up close onstage.

These lucky fans got to greet and hug Lee Jong-suk onstage! #LeeJongSukInMnl pic.twitter.com/yW1jtuJs8h — Don Kevin Hapal (@donkevinhapal) November 18, 2018


He even played the piano and sang for the fans.

Here’s Jong-suk playing the piano and singing for his fans! #LeeJongSukInMNL #CrankUpInMNL pic.twitter.com/V03hJAth6r — Jee Y. Geronimo (@jeegeronimo) November 20, 2018 Gracing your timeline with a video of Lee Jong-suk singing While You Were Sleeping OST ‘Come To Me’ in front of Manila fans. #LeeJongSukInMnl pic.twitter.com/4fOUdpVJnH — Don Kevin Hapal (@donkevinhapal) November 18, 2018


"I'm so very grateful to have been able to see you guys and I think that it was really a good decision to come here. I won't forget your warm love and support for me. I don't know when we’ll be able to see each other again, but even then, I still love you and I'm so, so thankful," Jong-suk said in Korean as he wrapped the fan meeting.

Lee Jong-suk responds to the fans’ love: I also love you guys! #LeeJongSukInMNL #CrankUpInMNL pic.twitter.com/uqierCmeC8 — Jee Y. Geronimo (@jeegeronimo) November 20, 2018 Thanks for visiting the Philippines, Lee Jong-suk! #LeeJongSukinMNL #CrankUpInMNL pic.twitter.com/Dxbye7oSCx — Jee Y. Geronimo (@jeegeronimo) November 20, 2018


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