How to catch Lee Min Ho's heart

MANILA, Philippines - “I’m so sorry my flight was delayed,” Lee Min Ho said in Korean at the start of his press conference on November 15 at the Makati Shangri-La.

“But it’s not my fault,” he chuckled.

The actor met the press ahead of a 3-day meet-and-greet with fans starting today, November 16. He is the latest foreign celebrity tapped by Bench to endorse its clothing line (the last was Adam Levine of Maroon 5).

With a multitude of Koreanovela fans stalking him during his brief Manila visit, how can a die-hard Lee Min Ho fan stand out?

Rappler took hints from what the actor said to fellow Korean and presscon emcee Sam Oh:

1) Show him why “it’s more fun in the Philippines”

Lee Min Ho said he is curious about the beautiful beaches and natural wonders of the Philippines that he has heard of.

“The best thing about having Filipino fans [is that] my visit here feels like a vacation. It’s warm here as opposed to the cold weather we have right now in Korea,” the actor said in Korean, translated to English by Sam Oh.

“I hope my fans will tell me [what] sights to see because I’ve heard there are a lot of vacation spots here.”

A banner with a cropped image of Lee Min Ho in El Nido may entice the actor to at least come back here.

Who knows? He might even ask you to be his tour guide.

2) Learn soccer ASAP

Well, it may be very unlikely to learn the sport within 3 days but you could certainly put all that support you showed the Azkals to use.

Lee Min Ho’s childhood dream — had he not become an actor — was to be a soccer player.

“When I have spare time, I play soccer with my friends,” Lee Min Ho said. “I also like watching movies.”


Lee Min Ho appreciates the warmth of the Philippines u2014 literally

3) Show off your hairstyling skills

Believe it or not, he doesn't think he is good with fixing his hair. 

“Once, I was supposed to meet up with a friend but did not like my hairstyle. I even washed it 3 times so that it would look better when it dried,” the actor said.

The ending of the story: he decided not to go out with his friend anymore. 

“He’s maarte with his hair,” Sam Oh said.

4) Exude confidence

Lee Min Ho said he finds confident women attractive.

“Sometimes, it could be a woman in a bikini; sometimes, it could be a woman in a simple dress," he said. "It does not really matter what she is wearing."

"It comes down to how to how she projects herself. Confidence is very sexy and attractive."


Fellow Korean Sam Oh translated Lee Min Ho's answers in Korean to English

5) Cosplay his characters

A good way to stand out is to cosplay or wear the get-ups of the characters he has portrayed:

Most of the characters he has played are “bad boys.”

“The last two dramas that I did, I played dark, heavy characters," he said. "So I’d like my next role to show my lighter side; someone who is not uptight."

6) Dance Psy's "Gangnam Style”

Lee Min Ho said he would be lying if he told people he did not learn to dance Korean rapper Psy’s “Gangnam Style.”

When asked for a sample of his dancing skills, he said, “I’d rather dance it in the official event.”


Lee Min Ho with Suyen's (from left) Bryan Lim, Mr and Mrs Virgilio Lim and Miguel Pastor

By "official event," he meant: