Jasmine Curtis-Smith speaks up about viral photo with Erwan Heussaff

MANILA, Philippines – Jasmine Curtis-Smith spoke about the viral photo of her and older sister Anne's boyfriend Erwan Heussaff, after Anne posted a statement on Twitter last month.

The photo led many netizens to question if there was something going on between Erwan and Jasmine despite Anne and Erwan being together –  even though there wasn't any information available about the picture.

In an interview with reporters during the press conference of TV 5's new fantaserye Ang Panday, Jasmine said the viral photo, which was a screenshot of a post on Snapchat, was never an issue between the 3 of them.

"It’s not like biglang may na develop na ganun closeness [between me and Erwan]. But between the 3 of us, it was never an issue. So the fact na naging malaking issue siya sa ibang tao or sa public ...parang unavoidable naman iyon talaga so yun lang," Jasmine said. 

(It's not like we [Erwan and I[ developed a sudden closeness. But between the 3 of us, it was never an issue. So the fact it became an issue to other people or to the public...well, these things are sometimes unavoidable, so that's all.)

Jasmine said that when the photo came out, she was criticized so much online, with some calling her a flirt and other hurtful words. When asked for a comment, Jasmien said: "Hurtful, yes but I don’t know them personally. They don’t know me personally, so I don’t let them affect me. And like I said, our relationship between the 3 of us, it's always been that way. So there’s really no other way that it should have been taken pero nga, hindi naman nila alam talaga paano yung dynamics namin (but as I said, they don't know the dynamics between us)."

Jasmine also said she's not really affected by the issue at all, adding that Erwan and Anne were even laughing about the whole thing.

"Actually hindi ako talaga (I'm not really) affected sa issue. More than anything, kinukuwestyon ko lang paano naging ganun isip ng mga tao (I just questioned why people would think like that)," she said. 

"I've always been conscious of what I post on social media. I'm not playing it safe. I don’t have to worry what people will think because I know naman that I'm not malandi (a flirt)," she said.

Aside from Anne, their mom Carmen recently posted a short message to those criticizing her on the issue to stop. 

I love how ate @annecurtissmith & tita @carmcurtissmith defends ate @jascurtissmith over bashersAte & Mom's duty pic.twitter.com/syAy1bCFhp — Dorothy Dion (@dorotheedion) January 26, 2016


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