Jason Magbanua dismisses viral post: 'Fabricated persona, fabricated story'

VIRAL RUMORS. Wedding videographer Jason Magbanua broke his silence over allegations made against him by Facebook user Jaime Dy. Photo from Jason Magbanua's Twitter account

VIRAL RUMORS. Wedding videographer Jason Magbanua broke his silence over allegations made against him by Facebook user Jaime Dy.

Photo from Jason Magbanua's Twitter account

MANILA, Philippines – Wedding videographer Jason Magbanua has spoken up regarding circulating online rumors from a woman who claimed that Jason engages in one-night-stands with brides and bridesmaids and is the father of her son.

In response, Jason began a thread on Twitter on Friday, October 18, saying that he "cannot fight a nameless faceless person" but you can "address the issues brought up."

According to Jason, Jaime Dy, who made the allegations.  is a "fabricated persona with a fabricated story." 1.The person - Jaime Dy - is a fabricated persona with a fabricated story. Any half-sane person would not reconnect her child with an estranged father with the manner you went about. Call me, show up at my office, (which is public information), get a lawyer. IDENTIFY YOURSELF. — jmag (@jasonmagbanua) October 18, 2019

Jason added that her identity is dubious, and so are her claims that she is from Tampa, Florida. According to him, her IP addresses all point to Metro Manila. No photos can be found on her social media accounts.

He also called her out for harassing his family and friends for months, citing an August 2019 incident of Jaime harassing his daughter on Instagram.

3. The moment you messaged my children, I knew you would go to any length. This is an exchange last August. Jaime, using the name Sigmund Magbanua, harassing my children. LEAVE MY CHILDREN OUT OF THIS!⁰ Convo of Jaime harassing my daughter. pic.twitter.com/7zeuSx2L1f — jmag (@jasonmagbanua) October 18, 2019 

According to Jason, Jaime has been “peddling this story” since then to "whoever would listen," and has “changed it, refined, revised it to a fine sob story.”

In September, Jaime shared that their alleged child together had a rare blood disease. Jason stated that at this time, he predicted that the "child" would pass away.

5. OH WAIT???!? The kid is dead???? You might just have omitted that tiny little INCONSEQUENTIAL detail in the posts you have been circulating? Easy to forget, there’s so much fabrication you’ve already made up. So hard to keep track of details I know. Screenshot dated OCT 2 pic.twitter.com/wev1rH2RWh — jmag (@jasonmagbanua) October 18, 2019

According to an Instagram screenshot, Jaime commented on an October 2 post of Jason, saying that "you should've went to our son's funeral."  

In another tweet, Jason said that she is "drumming up a #MeToo movement that doesn't exist."

"You are doing the movement a great disservice. You are a girl crying wolf," he said.

8. Ultimately, what is that you want ? Publicly you state you just want your kid to meet me? In other posts, you just want to warn women of the predator Jason. — jmag (@jasonmagbanua) October 18, 2019

Jason ended his thread by sharing how Twitter's "callout and cancel culture" has not only given him anxiety, but it has hurt his partner and kids, too.  

"Tahimik ka – admission of guilt. Patola ka – pikon ka  (You're quiet – admission of guilt. You answer back, you're a sore loser)," he added.

Jason admitted that "he is not a saint," but he will "rise above this," as this incident "doesn't define [me]". 

So ayan, first and last statement ko. Tagal ko kinimkim yan. Hindi ito hugas kamay. I’m not a saint.⁰ The hardest lessons are learned through the hardest ways. The most painful ways.⁰ But you know guys - I’ll rise above this. This won’t define me. Just wait and see. — jmag (@jasonmagbanua) October 18, 2019 

According to an Inquirer.net report, Jaime's claims in a wedding suppliers Facebook group grew viral after she cited Jason's alleged habit of sleeping with his brides and bridesmaids. According to Jaime, that was how she ended up pregnant, after meeting him at a wedding in 2015. 

“I found out I was pregnant the same time I found out about his allegedly (sic) ex-wife and his girlfriend," she wrote. 

She also called him an "irresponsible father," claiming that Jason dismissed her requests for him to meet their alleged son, before he died of leukemia. Jaime also said that she has spoken to other women, and is urging them to "stand up to a man that has caused us pain."  – Rappler.com