What to expect from the Jennylyn Mercado, Derek Ramsay movie 'All of You'

MANILA, Philippines – After starring in the 2014 romantic comedy English Only, Please, Jennylyn Mercado and Derek Ramsay are back with another Metro Manila Film Festival entry – All of You.

“Realistic relationship drama” is how director Dan Villegas described All Of You. This movie is for the mature moviegoers who are tired of seeing the same cookie-cutter romance.

All of You tells the story of a couple who find themselves at a crossroads in their relationship. After being together for 3 years, Gabby (Jennylyn) and Gab (Derek) realize that they have conflicting views on love and marriage. Now, the question is where do they go from here.

“Ito po ‘yung pinaka-mature at pinaka-totoo sa tatlo [English Only, Please, Walang Forever, and All of You]. Mas tinarget namin na talagang maging slice of life talaga yung atake ng pelikula… Very real siya kaya nga marami ‘yung love scenes. Kasi ‘di ba ‘pag bago kayo, magka-tinginan lang kayo, tapos eventually, after a few years, ‘pag namatay na ‘yung honeymoon stage, wala nang nangyayari. So ganun ‘yung gusto naming ipakita,” Dan explained.

(This is the most mature and realistic of the 3 [movies]. We really intended to make this film like a slice of life...This is more real, so there are more love scenes. Because if you're both new, you would just look at each other, eventually after a few years, if the honeymoon stage dies, nothing happens. So that's what we wanted to show.)

MORE MATURE. Director Dan Villegas says 'All of You' is the most mature of his movies, which include 'English Only Please,' and 'Walang Forever.'

MORE MATURE. Director Dan Villegas says All of You is the most mature of his movies, which include English Only Please, and Walang Forever.


When Derek and Jennylyn were asked about filming those intimate scenes, they admitted that it was uncomfortable in the beginning. Jennylyn, however, was all praises for Derek and Dan, saying they were very protective of her on set and always made her feel safe.

“There’s a reason why she’s FHM number 1. ‘Yung sexiness ni Jen, (Jen's sexiness) it’s natural and she has one of those faces that exudes sexiness,” Derek added.

Derek also shared that a lot of people – most especially men – would be able to relate to his character. He mentioned that he was also able to tap into his past experiences, knowing full well where his character is coming from.

Makikita n’yo na marriage won’t solve the issues that you have in the relationship. Isa gusto magpakasal, isa ‘di pa readyThat’s not the solution… The lesson here is really taking your time before committing. Mga lalaki talaga makaka-relate sa pelikula na ‘to.”

REAL SITUATIONS. Derek Ramsay says a lot of people will be able to relate themselves to his and Jennylyn's characters in the movie when it comes to marriage.

REAL SITUATIONS. Derek Ramsay says a lot of people will be able to relate themselves to his and Jennylyn's characters in the movie when it comes to marriage.

(In this movie, you'll see that marriage won't solve the issues you have in the relationship. One wants to get married, the other one is not ready...That's not the solution. The lesson here is really taking time before committing. Many guys can relate to this.)

English Only Please won the second best picture in 2014. Jennylyn and Derek also won Best Actress and Best Actor respectively, with Dan also taking home the best director award.

The trio, however, insisted that they have zero expectations this time around. For Jennylyn, it’s enough that she’s given an opportunity to showcase her craft. Derek candidly said he would rather have a box office hit than a best actor award. 


Even though Jennylyn and Derek have proven their bankability as an onscreen tandem, Dan admitted that it’s still a nerve-racking gamble to have a romance-comedy entry to the film festival. Before English Only, Please, he mentioned that the last rom-com movie that worked was Judy Ann Santos and Ryan Agoncillo’s Kasal, Kasali, Kasalo in 2006.

“Nung nagsali kami ng rom-com almost everyone said na that won’t make money… because romcom na ‘yung pinapalabas for the whole year. Ngayon merong horror, adventure, pambata, so nung nagpasok kami, skeptical ‘yung mga tao if the audience will watch this.”

(When we decided to do a rom-com, almost everyone said that it won't make money...because rom-coms are the ones that have been showing for the whole year. Now you have horror, adventure, something for the kids, so when we got it, people were skeptical if the audience will watch this.)

“Ever since ako mag-start gumawa ng pelikula for mainstream even nung nasa cinematography pa ‘ko, what I learned is wala talagang sure, kumabaga, ‘di s’ya set in stone. Para s’yang sugal eh. Ini-improve mo lang ‘yung odds mo pero walang sure hit ‘di ba? You can only help your odds,” Dan explained

All of You opens on December 25. – Rappler.com