WATCH: Jimmy Kimmel checks if people know more 'Avengers' than US presidents

MANILA, Philippines – With so many superhero movies coming out in recent years, Jimmy Kimmel Live! went out and asked people on the street to name as many Avengers as they could and as many US presidents as they could.

While the first couple of people named more Avengers than presidents, it soon became clear that not everyone knew who the members of the superhero group were either.

One guy named Batman and Robin – neither of whom are part of the Avengers – while another girl named Power Rangers instead, saying, "Avengers? I don't know, aren't they all just different colors? Blue, Pink, Green, Yellow, Orange."

And while some got the presidents wrong, mentioning Thomas Edison and Donald Trump, one girl named more than 20.

How many Avengers can you name? Can you name more Philippine presidents than Avengers? Let us know in the comments! –