WATCH: Jimmy Kimmel 'campaigns' to be US Vice President

MANILA, Philippines – The election season is hitting fever pitch in the United States as the presidential hopefuls race to become the chosen candidate of the Democratics and Republican parties.

In the middle of all this, talk show host Jimmy Kimmel announces his candidacy for Vice President of the United States – never mind that it's against the rules.

He makes a grand entrance, arriving at his studio onboard a double decker bus.

"When I became a talk show host more than 13 years ago, I had no idea where this journey would lead," he says to the crowd outside his studio. "I have laughed with you. I have cried with you. I've made your children cry on Halloween. I've done my best to serve you the only way I knew how."

"But today, I stand before you not as a TV host, or a father, or an amazing lover – the best lover for sure – but as an American citizen."

An audience member asks him, "Are you for real?" to which Jimmy answers, "As Iggy Azalea once said, 'I am the realest!'"

Inside his studio, he tells the audience: "Since I'm the only one running for Vice President, I think I have a real shot at winning this thing."

He even set up a website and a hashtag, #Kimmel4VPOMG, for his bid for the second-highest office in the land.


Jimmy promises the audience, "As Vice President, I will never stop fighting for you – unless Game of Thrones is on…"

In the United States, it's the Presidential candidates who picks their running mates, so what he's doing is definitely against the rules. He addresses this: "I am well aware of what the critics will say, 'Is it even possible to make a solo run for Vice President without being selected by a candidate?'

"And to them, I say this: 'I think so. I'll check it out when I have time,'" he says.

"But the important thing is I know how to do the job. Let's be honest. It's easy to be Vice President, all you have to really do is sit there and nod at the President while he speaks," he says, showing a clip of him speaking to incumbent President Barack Obama while nodding the whole time.

"That is what we call experience," Jimmy quips.

He fields some questions from CNN anchors Jake Tapper, Dana Bash, and Wolf Blitzer right in the middle of his monologue.


Jake asks him the essential questions: "Which candidate? Which party?"

Jimmy answers, "I have not figured that out yet. I will either run solo or possibly with both candidates to maximize my chances of being Vice President."

"Jake, my philosophy is this: you don't need a number 1 to make a number 2," he adds.

Jimmy tells Dana, "I'm not a Washington insider. I'm not a Washington outsider. I don't know how things work. In high school, I got a D in Social Studies. But I'll tell you what I am, Dana, I'm an American."

After this, Wolf shows the pre-election polls and tells Jimmy, "You are polling at 100%" against "all others."

Regardless of being against the rules, his "campaign" is a stunt that could rake in viewers in the battle arena of late night TV

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