Karel Marquez opens up about miscarriages

MANILA, Philippines – Karel Marquez announced her pregnancy in June, but things have quickly changed for her and her husband after the actress suffered a miscarriage early in her pregnancy.

Opening up in a Facebook post, Karel, who is married to businessman Sean Fariñas, said that she had chemical pregnancies, referring to early miscarriages that occur within the first 5 to 6 weeks of pregnancy.


Karel described it as “every mother’s nightmare,” saying, “I didn’t think it would happen to me, but it did, for the first time in my life, back to back.”

According to Karel, she went through the experience quietly, choosing to share her grief with only her parents, manager, and a friend. She also had to take a break from work.

“I stopped working daily as I was almost close to getting depressed – but I just put myself back together and picked up the pieces slowly. I tried not to show signs of sadness,” she said.

“Back to back? Could you imagine what my husband was going through also? He wanted this one all his life too,” she added.

Karel shared that she miscarried despite living a healthy lifestyle and taking added measures to prepare for the pregnancy.

“The doctors said that I was lucky because I’m still very fertile, I followed the doctor’s orders, took my prenatal vitamins earlier, quit strenuous work, and stopped my usual multi-exercises once I got a positive test result. I was avoiding stress, I had a healthy lifestyle – but I still suffered this. I know at times I would question, ‘why?’”

She ended on a hopeful note, adding that she has “put everything in God’s hands and trusted the process and pain” and that she and her husband have decided to “chill for a bit, and know that the right time will come.”

Addressing women who have gone through the same experience, she said “You are not alone.”

“If you are going through this now, YOU will be okay and better things are coming your way, all in God’s plan, all in God’s time. Titibay tayo dito (We will be stronger),” she wrote.

She ended her post on a hopeful note, “Remember, every storm in your life is followed by a rainbow!”

Karel and Sean were together for almost 4 years before they got married in December 2016. Karel has two kids from a previous relationship. – Rappler.com