Kris Aquino on Gerald Anderson ghosting issue: ‘Hindi mahirap maki break’

MANILA, Philippines – Kris Aquino reminded people of how to properly end a relationship as she weighed in on the controversy surrounding Bea Alonzo, Gerald Anderson, and Julia Barretto.

In the unlikely case you’re not up to speed: Bea Alonzo said on July 26 that her boyfriend of several years Gerald Anderson “just started not talking” to her, fuelling rumors that Gerald had been cheating on her with his Between Maybes co-star, Julia Barretto.

And while many netizens have pitted Bea against Julia, Kris instead brought the attention to Gerald's (non)actions, highlighting the importance of breaking up with someone properly – which, going by Bea’s account, Gerald didn’t do.

In screenshots posted by ABS-CBN and the Philippine Daily Inquirer, Kris responded to a comment on a photo of her having dinner with Erich Gonzales in Japan. In the comment, a netizen told her to ask Erich, a close friend of Julia’s, about the supposed feud between her and Bea.

Pwedeng wag nega? And ang hindi natin buhay wag na natin guluhin especially Erich na hindi directly involved? (Can we not be negative? And let’s not mess with other people’s lives, especially Erich, who isn’t directly involved)” she answered.

Obviously alam natin mahal ko si Bea (we know I love Bea) but diba unfair to judge Julia because why do we always blame the girl?” she added.

She said that breaking up with someone properly and giving them closure is a sign of respect for them.

“I can already feel the Gerald fans will blast me for this, but I have always told Bimb, hindi mahirap maki break (it’s not hard to break up with someone). Respect someone you cared about enough to give them closure. Then move on. Ganun lang ka-simple yun (it’s that simple),” she said.

Masakit ang goodbye pero mas masakit ang hindi worth a goodbye (Goodbye is painful, but not being worth a goodbye is even more so). So please respect women???” she said.

“And don’t pit them against each other. Even those with no issues.”

Neither Gerald nor Julia have spoken directly on the issue, though Julia’s mom Marjorie and sister Dani have publicly jumped to her defense. –