Kris Aquino tells Nicko Falcis: Don't drag ABS-CBN into this

MANILA, Philippines – Kris Aquino on Wednesday, January 9, called out former business associate Nicko Falcis for dragging ABS-CBN, her former network, into their ongoing spat.

She also apologized to her former network.  

"I stated, for my sons and the memory of my parents I can HUMBLE myself. In this instance 'WAG IDAMAY ang ABS CBN. 'Wag ilihis ang issue (Don't drag ABS-CBN into this. Don't divert the issue)," said Kris in a Facebook post, reacting to Nicko's claims in a Pep article that her mood and their relationship started turning sour after her "half-baked" return to ABS-CBN. 

In April 2018, Kris set foot in the ABS-CBN compound almost two years after she left her former home network. She was there to sign a movie deal with Star Cinema, ABS-CBN's movie arm. Nicko said Kris was apparently disappointed by the absence of key personalities, including her former ABS-CBN managers. 

"I can admit to heartbreak that it ended not in the way I wished with ABS. But did ABS-CBN ever steal money from me? I am HONEST enough – I earned much, hundreds of millions in my years with ABS-CBN. I am proud, malaki rin ang naakyat kong pera sa (I also brought in a lot of money for) ABS-CBN. Kung finances ang pag-uusapan – wala kaming issue (If we're talking about finances, I have no issue with ABS-CBN)," she said in the post. 

Kris sued Nicko for supposedly stealing from her. Nicko denied these allegations. Kris later filed a cyber libel  case against Nicko's brother, lawyer Jesus Falcis. 

In her Facebook post, Kris brought up the shared history between the Aquino family and the Lopezes, who own ABS-CBN. She pointed out that Eugenio Lopez Jr and her father, the late Ninoy Aquino, were both arrested during Martial Law. Despite any "issues of misunderstanding," said Kris, Manolo and Maritess Lopez "loved" her mother, the late president Cory Aquino. 

"I said this and I stand by it – when someone did good for my mom, I'll stop my worst impulses – because of my mom and her memory," she added.

She then apologized to ABS-CBN Chairman Mark Lopez and ABS-CBN President and CEO Carlo Katigbak for being dragged into the issue. 

"You deserve for me to stand up and give you the high esteem you rightfully deserve," she said. 

Kris' post is the latest in a series of online exchanges between herself and Nicko, who once managed her business, including her own production company. –