WATCH: Leonardo DiCaprio hilariously pranks Jonah Hill, pretends to be overenthusiastic fan

MANILA, Philippines – Leave it to Academy Award-winning actor Leonardo DiCaprio to pull off a prank – impeccably – on his poor pal and The Wolf of Wall Street co-star Jonah Hill.

According to several entertainment news outlets, Jonah was supposed to meet up with Leo in West Village, New York City, while he was busy fiddling with his phone.

How does a good friend like Leo greet Jonah? No simple nice "hello's" here.

He runs towards Jonah and pretends to be a super-fan wanting to take a picture of his buddy – his phone close to Jonah's face. This appears to rattle Jonah a little bit.

But the little prank fizzles out quickly, and then the two friends hug each other for quite a long time.

This was all caught on camera, as seen in a video obtained by E! News:

Goodbye, productivity! We can't stop watching Leonardo DiCaprio prank Jonah Hill. — E! News (@enews) August 3, 2016


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