WATCH: Leslie Mann, Dakota Johnson flirt with reporter mid-interview

MANILA, Philippines – It isn't everyday a regular media interview deviates from the usual format, but that's what happened to Chris Van Vliet from WSVN Miami when he spoke to How to Be Single's Leslie Mann and Dakota Johnson.

In the video above, Leslie starts off by complimenting Chris on his socks. Things escalate quickly after Leslie confirms that Chris is single and he good-naturedly encourages her compliments.

The two actresses even called their friends over – "You guys, look! Hot guy!" – and tried to introduce them to Chris before learning he was based in Miami. "He can move," Leslie suggests.

After some bargaining, Chris then agrees to unbutton his shirt, and exclaims "This is the best interview ever!" He tries some of his pick-up lines on the actresses too: "Are you Google? Because you're exactly what I've been searching for."

It's clear in the video that the actresses were joking with the interviewer, but Chris also took to Twitter to talk about whether he felt uncomfortable about the situation.

@OnceUponAFifty there wasn't a single person in that room that didn't see it as fun and funny — Chris Van Vliet (@ChrisVanVliet) February 2, 2016


Leslie and Dakota's interview with Chris was to promote their upcoming movie, which also stars Rebel Wilson and Alison Brie. How to Be Single is set to hit theaters abroad in February.  

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