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[WATCH] Rappler Live Jam: Ben&Ben
[WATCH] Rappler Live Jam: Ben&Ben
Catch the band perform their latest single and more!

MANILA, Philippines – Ben&Ben is taking the Rappler Live Jam stage once again!

A lot has happened since Paolo, Miguel, Andrew, Toni, Poch, Agnes, Pat, Keifer, and Jam last performed at the Rappler HQ in 2019. 

Aside from the very obvious (that is: a crippling pandemic and health crisis), the band has put out their sophomore album Pebble House, which they worked on while in lockdown together in 2021; they’ve taken the Araneta Coliseum stage for their first major digital concert; and have continued to make music coming out of lockdown.

In recent years, they’ve released several hit singles and went on a North American tour in 2022.

As artists, they’ve explored new themes and styles with their music – something apparent in their latest single, “Could Be Something,” which sees the band bringing a more electronic/dance-influenced sound to their signature folk-pop style.

Following the single’s release in June, the band performed in London in July, and they’re currently getting ready for more international performances – starting with a set at the 1MX Music Festival in Toronto on September 10.

Catch Ben&Ben as they perform some of their songs from the past few years, and talk about how they continue to evolve as a band on the next episode of Rappler Live Jam. –