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[WATCH] Rappler Live Jam: Nicole Asensio
[WATCH] Rappler Live Jam: Nicole Asensio
Able to perform rock, jazz, soul and blues music, the versatile Nicole Asensio showcases her talents on the Live Jam stage

MANILA, Philippines – Singer-songwriter Nicole Asensio showcases her versatility on the Rappler Live Jam stage on Thursday, June 27.

Touted for her ability to thrive across different genres like rock, jazz, soul, and blues, Asensio served as the vocalist, songwriter, and co-founder of the all-female rock band General Luna. She has also regularly filled the role of vocalist for rock ensemble Razorback.

Alongside producer Gabe Dandan, the award-winning musician is currently gearing up for the release of Changes Over Time. The four-track EP promises to take listeners through a myriad of music eras through the presence of elements of jazz, neo-soul, ’70s disco, and modern house, among others.

Catch Asensio on Rappler Live Jam at 8 pm. Bookmark this page or head over to–

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