[WATCH] Rappler Live Jam: Project Moonman

Project Moonman is performing on Rappler Live Jam!

Project Moonman is the personal project of DJ and producer Mark Thompson, who collaborates with fellow musicians and artists to create music they describe as "Future Rock."

The project "seeks to explore the vast depths of emptiness, the dark voids of
heartbreak, and the largely unexplored parts of loneliness and the dangers of being left alone, drifting into empty space, navigating all these perils through the use of sick beats and with help of some of the finest electronic, musical instruments known to man."

Project Moonman has been hard at work throughout the quarantine, releasing 10 singles since the beginning of the pandemic. On September 18, they came out with their latest single, YCPM.

Catch Project Moonman as they perform on Rappler Live Jam on Saturday, September 26. Bookmark this page or head over to fb.com/rapplerdotcom. – Rappler.com