WATCH: Maureen Wroblewitz's final 'Next Top Model' interview

MANILA, Philippines – The Philippines' bet Maureen Wroblewitz's final interview on Asia's Next Top Model (AsNTM) has been released online. 

In the clip above, which also aired during the episode on June 28, the Filipino-German model said that she cannot believe that she won Asia's Next Top Model after enduring so many ups and downs along the way. (LOOK: 12 photos from Maureen Wroblewitz's 'Asia's Next Top Model' journey)

The interview was posted on the show's YouTube account on Thursday, June 29.

Maureen said that winning still felt surreal: "I can’t even believe that I joined this competition and now being Asia’s Next Top Model is just… I cannot believe it."(READ: 5 moments in Maureen Wroblewitz's 'Asia's Next Top Model' journey)


She also cited her late mom as one of her motivations. In the show's episode 12, Maureen shared her mom died when she was 11 years old. 

"I know that my mom is so proud of me and she’s my number one motivation. And every time I felt like I was about to give up, I just thought about my mom. Getting here was like a roller coaster. I had ups and downs, been in the bottom two twice and had 3 best performances. And I had a tough time with the other girls. I’ve been told I don't deserve to be here and I’m a weak model and I’m only a pretty face," she said.

But Maureen also said she has learned so much from the experience, especially about loving herself.

"I’ve learned so much in this competition, like I’ve learned so much about myself and I learned to love myself and accept myself. And that I can be confident, and I am confident."

She also gave advice to people who are doubting themselves: "You are capable of doing anything if you just try, and if you believe in yourself, and that they should never forget to be always be yourself." –