Sneak peek: McDonalds' cute 'Adventure Time' Happy Meals

MANILA, Philippines – On Sunday, September 24, McDonalds is releasing a new set of Adventure Time-themed Happy Meals!

The collection of toys are small square cases with the characters' faces printed in front. Inside each one are different games – Finn holds a maze, while Jakes has tic-tac-toe – a pencil, and background refills. 

Starting on September 24, Happy Meals will also be included with breakfast, so you can get these cute, colorful toys with two pieces of hotcakes or two pieces of hotcakes with a hashbrown.  

Here's a look at all the Adventure Time characters that will be in this Happy Meal release!













Which of the Adventure Time characters is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below which of these you want to add to your collection! –