SONA 2020

Dolphins and drinking games: The best memes from SONA 2020

Dolphins and drinking games: The best memes from SONA 2020
Here are some examples of witty Tweets that made this year’s SONA just slightly easier to digest

Because this is the internet, memes have become a fixture in every major news event.

As President Rodrigo Duterte delivered his 5th SONA, the most comedic of Twitter went gone all out to commemorate and react to the event through – what else but – memes.

Here are some of the most memorable examples that have made this year’s SONA just a little easier to process:

#SONA2020 mood: of screenshots and bad angles 

Due to the pandemic, this year’s SONA was stripped down. Only select government officials were physically present at the Batasang Pambansa, with others attending virtually through Zoom.

Observant viewers noticed a number of funny moments. Screenshots of Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque with his eyes closed in the middle of Duterte’s speech left netizens wondering: what is going on inside his head?

Senator Cynthia Villar wasn’t spared by internet humor either, whether it was posture or her reaction to the government’s “Plant, Plant, Plant” program.

Another politician who took the spotlight via Zoom is Senator Nancy Binay, whose reactions – whether she means to or not – have reflected many of the youth’s general mood towards Philippine current events.

For all those wishing to create their own memes, several senators and congressmen who were caught on camera (or via screenshot) at inopportune times can all be found on this thread by Twitter user @BrujaDelDemonio. 

Political games you can join

Parody accounts also made a game of the SONA while poking fun – and subtly criticizing – Duterte’s go-to topics.

Memes with references for the President’s go-to topics doesn’t stop there. Lawyer Emil Marañon III, for example, compared Duterte’s choice words about aide-turned-senator Bong Go to lyrics from the recently released Taylor Swift album folklore.

Political games you can join

Aside from unflattering screenshots and bingo cards, people took to twitter to share their reactions to Duterte’s speech. While some were serious, others took a more lighthearted route, expressing themselves through K-pop fancams and photos.

User @riaredfern commented on Duterte’s fixation on Senate Minority Leader Frank Drilon.

Another announcement during the SONA that garnered much attention was the government’s “Plant, Plant, Plant initiative.” The iconic Ruffa Mae Quinto’s catchphrase proved extra useful for this one.

For some, their own faces were enough to react to the SONA. The most popular of which was Kakie Pangilinan’s, who, in a series of photos, illustrated how many felt during the annual speech.

– Alexandra Goño and Cristeen Salazar/