WATCH: 10 Things to know about 'Stranger Things' star Millie Bobby Brown

MANILA, Philippines – Stranger Things has shot to the top of everyone's list of favorite shows ever since it was released in July, and its no surprise.

Not only does it make fans nostalgic for a era without the Internet – it's set in the '80s and gets all the references right to boot – but it also features stellar performances by Winona Ryder and a cast of new faces.

Among them is Millie Bobby Brown, who plays the Eleven, the mysterious telekinetic who helps Mike and his friends with matters to do with the "Upside Down."

There isn't much we can do but wait for Stranger Things season 2 to get answers about the Upside Down and Eleven, but we can find out more about the actress who plays her.

Who is Millie Bobby Brown? We got to know her during her visit to the Philippines for AsiaPOP Comic Con 2016 – here's what we found out.

Millie is 12 years old and plays Eleven on Stranger Things.

Millie had to shave her head for the role of the mysterious telekinetic, but it wasn't a big deal for her.

Here it is!! The video of me getting my hair shaved for #StrangerThings. Enjoy #buzzed — Millie Bobby Brown (@milliebbrown) August 21, 2016


At AsiaPOP Comic Con 2016, she told the crowd that contrary to popular belief, it wasn't a big deal for her dad either. It was a different story, though, for her mom. "She was the one who was like, 'No, you're not doing it. Nope, that's not happening. You have beautiful hair! We've been growing this for 11 years!'" recounted Millie.

Eleven didn't have a lot of lines, and Millie says she acted on instinct when it came to how Eleven would behave.

Show creators Matt and Ross Duffer were really open to suggestions, said Millie, so she could do what she wanted with the character.

She's now perfected the Eleven stare and Eleven's head twitch for when she'd break people's necks.

. @milliebbrown having to stand up to do the perfect #Eleven stare @rapplerdotcom #apccph2016 — Vernise L. Tantuco (@verntantuco) August 27, 2016

On set, Millie's a bit of a prankster.
She and Noah Schnapp (who plays Will Byers) once prank-called their costume designer and told her that her wedding venue booking was canceled.

Millie is also great friends with co-star Winona Ryder.

They have lunch together in LA and Millie surfs with Winona's boyfriend.

Millie also used to sneak back on set just to watch the award-winning actress do her scenes.

Mille herself began acting in 2013 and her family moved from Florida to LA to support her.

She's shot to fame since Stranger Things, but she's no celebrity at home.
Millie still goes boxing, does her 5 hours of school, and gets bossed around by her older brother.

What does Millie think happened to Eleven at the end of season 1?

Everyone at APCC 2016 was asking Millie about her take on what happened to her character after season 1. At a roundtable interview with the media for Netflix, Millie said: "Eleven goes to LA, you know, she has a super famous [boyfriend] Zac Efron. She lives in a mansion, she forgets about Mike, you know, who is he?"

Stranger Things, created and produced by Matt and Ross Duffer, is on Netflix. –