Moira dela Torre: I didn't know I'd be performing at 'Marcos Fest'

The incumbent governor of Ilocos Norte is Imee Marcos, eldest daughter of the late dictator.

Raquel also pointed out that posters for the concert had already been online since September 7. “It would be impossible for them to miss the materials,” he added.

“We feel that it’s unprofessional for them to be making such unnecessary comments after the event. She wasn’t forced to do anything,” said Raquel, reacting to Moira’s social media posts.

In an earlier statement, Moira’s management Cornerstone Entertainment said the gig was “non-political.”

On Duterte, too

Moira's replies were prompted by Twitter user @jerichorayel, who posted a screenshot of Moira's tweet from 2016. In the since-deleted tweet, Moira said that while President Rodrigo Duterte's speeches could "still [be] improved," she "[believed] that God did not make him our leader by accident."

"It's been two years. I've seen more things, I've learned more. I deleted it because that came from a time when I didn't know any better," the singer explained.

Duterte happens to have close ties to the Marcoses, whom he credits for supporting his campaign financially. (READ: For his victory, Duterte says he owes Imee Marcos, 3 other governors)

Duterte has also said he was planning to resign should Ferdinand Marcos Jr, the late dictator's son, win his election protest. Marcos lost the vice presidency to Vice President Leni Robredo but has contested it.

It was under the Duterte administration that the dictator Marcos was allowed burial at the Libingan ng mga Bayani – among Duterte's campaign promises. –