Momoland to meet Pinoy fans – and hopefully Liza Soberano – in August

MANILA, Philippines – K-pop girl group Momoland is coming to the Philippines on August 18 to meet their Pinoy fans – and also, hopefully Liza Soberano.

In a Facebook live video, Momoland members Daisy, Nancy, and Ahin announced their plans to visit the Philippines.

“We really wanted to go to the Philippines,” Daisy said. “We were always aware that there were a lot of you guys in the Philippines…there were a lot of people mentioning ‘oh, come to the Philippines, come to the Philippines!’ so we thought that it’d be great to go and visit.”

“We’re all very excited to see all of you guys,” Ahin added.

The girls don’t know exactly what they’re going to do in the Philippines yet, but they are sure that they will meet up with the fans.

They’re also hoping to meet Liza – whose supposed resemblance to Nancy is a hot topic among fans, especially after Liza performed a part of the group’s viral “Bboom Bboom” dance at an event.

How to #boomboom in a super cute way #AvonExpo #UnaKa — Avon Philippines (@AvonPH) June 7, 2018

“We’re so honored, and so thankful,” Nancy said of Liza doing the “Bboom Bboom” dance.

“She’s so lovely,” Ahin added, saying, “It’d be awesome, it’d be so cool” if they got to meet her when they come to the Philippines.

The girls have yet to figure out the rest of the details of their upcoming visit, but fans can stay updated on the group’s official Facebook page. –