WATCH: Bimb loves Tom Holland’s Spider-Man in ‘Homecoming’ review
WATCH: Bimb loves Tom Holland’s Spider-Man in ‘Homecoming’ review
Kris Aquino's 10-year-old son gives Tom Holland a thumbs up for his performance

MANILA, Philippines – Tom Holland’s performance in Spider-Man: Homecoming has gotten generally great reviews across the board. 

If you were to ask Kris Aquino’s son about who performed the best as Spider-Man, Bimb also agrees: Tom Holland nails it, and Bimb offers his seal of approval for the role.

In a review of the movie posted on Kris Aquino’s Facebook page, the 10-year-old rated the 3 actors who have played Spider-Man, taking points away from Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire for being older.

When asked who he thought the best Spider-Man was, Bimb said, “Holland, of course. ‘Cos he’s like, the youngest.”

“All the actors who played Peter Parker in the past were like thirties, but he’s the only one who’s like 21,” he explained.

Garfield was actually 29 when he played Spider-Man, while Maguire was 27 – not yet in their thirties as Bimb said, though their age is glaring considering that “Peter Parker is 15,” as Bimb so shrewdly pointed out.

Bimb went on to examine how well the actors played their dual role as Spider-Man and Peter Parker. While Garfield was better as Spider-Man than as Peter Parker – with Bimb pointing out Garfield’s Parker “was a hipster, not a nerd” – Tobey Maguire was seen as the better Peter Parker because “he was super lonely.”

Trumping them, however, was Holland’s rendition of the web-slinger. “Tom Holland defeats them both. He’s more Spider-Man and more Peter Parker,” Bimb said.

Bimb’s final verdict? Watch the movie “to make your kids happy.”

Check out the full video to hear Bimb discuss the movie version of Vulture, and his thoughts on going to prom someday. –

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