WATCH: The sweet love story that’s making the internet swoon
WATCH: The sweet love story that’s making the internet swoon
The wordless animated film about the love between two boys is viewed 2 million times, a day after it debuted on YouTube

MANILA, Philippines – Even with significant advances made towards more inclusive films, animated films in particular could use more representation – and an adorable short film is getting to it.

As of writing, In a Heartbeat, an animated short film produced at the Ringling College of Art and Design by Beth David and Esteban Bravo, already has over 2 million views. It was uploaded on YouTube on July 31.

As it champions LGBT inclusion, the film has a universal theme that anyone can relate to, no matter what their sexual orientation is. The film shows a young boy whose heart develops a mind of its own when he sees his another boy passing by. The heart chases after the passing boy, and his owner trails behind it, desperately trying to contain the heart.

The feels really hit towards the end, when both the boy and his crush are caught in a tangle with the rogue heart, and are subjected to judgmental stares and whispers from people around them – a reflection of the struggles LGBT lovers often go through.

The film ends on a hopeful note, with the two boys finding each other again, and a broken heart being pieced back together.

Even without dialogue, the film has managed to make an impact on viewers, who were touched by the simple concept and charming characters.

The film has gotten mostly positive reactions on social media, with many lauding its inclusive message, and calling for a full-length feature to be made:



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