WATCH: Imelda The Movie on Rappler
WATCH: Imelda The Movie on Rappler
'Imelda' is the first time the former first lady tells her story on camera

MANILA, Philippines – Imelda Marcos, the wife of late dictator Ferdinand Marcos, was a figure of the Martial Law era in the Philippines. After her husband declared martial rule in September 21, 1972, the Philippines saw the glamorous life led by the First Lady, paid for by the people.

This film by Ramona Diaz was first released in 2004, and won an Excellence in Cinematography Award for documentaries in the 2004 Sundance Film Festival.

“I have found that Imelda seems to be a kind of litmus test for how we Filipinos think of ourselves and our relationship to the “masses” – how can we love the people if they love her? How do we resist her imagery and what she stands for and how she defines Filipino pride without distancing ourselves from everything Filipino?” Diaz says of her film.

Imelda was the first time the former first lady had told her story on camera. It will stream online for free for the month of October in honor of Filipino American History Month. –

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