WATCH: ‘Wild rich girl’ meets ‘poor chick boy’ in ‘Wild Little Love’ trailer
Andrea Brillantes and Seth Fedelin star in the iWant original movie

WILD LITTLE LOVE. Seth Fedelin and Andrea Brillantes star in the upcoming film. Screenshot from The Gold Squad on YouTube

MANILA, Philippines – Andrea Brillantes and Seth Fedelin play a “wild rich girl” and “poor chick boy” who fall in love in the upcoming film Wild Little Love.

A trailer for the film premiered on November 13. In the movie, Andrea Brillantes plays Sam, a privileged cheerleader whose parents transfer her to a public school in an effort to tame her out of control partying (though it’s not clear how exactly sending someone to a public school will do so).

There she meets and befriends Jake, a less-privileged ladies’ man, who helps her adjust to her new school. Of course, the two fall in love, even as Sam’s presence in Jake’s school – and his world – is only temporary.

The film also stars Carmina Villaroel, Alfred Vargas, and Victor Neri. It was directed by Benedict Mique, and is set to stream on iWant soon. –