Fun and action at Michael Bay’s 6 Underground world premier

Nikko Dizon
Lead star Ryan Reynolds says the Netflix film is “the most Michael Bay movie in the history of Michael Bay”

A star-filled night: 6 Underground director Michael Bay and cast led by Ryan Reynolds are joined by K-pop group EXO at the world premiere of the Netflix movie at the Dongdaemun Design Plaza on December 02, 2019 in Seoul, South Korea. Photo courtesy of Netflix

SEOUL, South Korea  It was a very cold Sunday night a week ago in this city but not even one-degree Celsius temperature could keep hundreds of fans from showing up at the Dongdaemun Design Plaza for the world premier of director Michael Bay’s new action movie, 6 Underground, that’s set to stream on Netflix on Friday, December 13. 

The outdoor green carpet and fan event premier did not disappoint. The stars of 6 Underground — Hollywood giant Ryan Reynolds, Mélanie Laurent, and Adria Arjona — along with Bay and producer, Ian Bryce, graced the event. (The other stars Manuel Garcia-Rulfo, Ben Hardy, Dave Franco, and Corey Hawkins weren’t able to make it to the premier.)  

It was “freezing cold,” Arjona said of the weather and the stars were in awe with the fans’ dedication, staying put just to see them in person. In return, the actors signed as much autographs they could and granted fans selfies.


 Fan service: 6 Underground star Ryan Reynolds signs autographs for fans outside the Dongdaemun Design Plaza where the Netflix movie premiered on December 02, 2019 in Seoul, South Korea. Photo courtesy of Netflix Photo op: French actress Mélanie Laurent takes a selfie with the fans who attended the  Netflix 6 Underground world premier on December 8 at the Dongdaemun Design Plaza in Seoul, South Korea Photo by Nikko Dizon/Rappler

Lucky fans: 6 Underground director Michael Bay holds up the phone for a selfie with fans at the world premiere of his Netflix movie at Dongdaemun Design Plaza on December 02, 2019 in Seoul, South Korea. Photo courtesy of Netflix

The temperature rose when popular Korean idol group EXO arrived. Members Suho, Chanyeol, Sehun, Kai, Baekhyun, and Chen walked the green carpet, too.

At a press conference held earlier that day, Bay said “6 Underground is about 6 capable individuals that are all damaged souls in some way or another.”

“It’s them looking for a form of redemption. So they fake their own deaths, [and] they become ghosts. They lose their digital footprint and from there they take on some very evil people in a way to make the world just a little bit [of a] better place,” Bay said.

Reynolds’ character, code-named One, is a billionaire who becomes disillusioned and “disenfranchised about geopolitical issues and life in general.”

Leader of the band: Ryan Reynolds attends the press conference for the world premiere of Netflix's '6 Underground' at Four Seasons Hotel on December 02, 2019 in Seoul, South Korea. Photo courtesy of Netflix

“My character’s a guy who takes this into his own hands, uses all this insane amount of money he happens to have, and decides to put it into use to make the world a better place.  He targets one specific dictator and decides to bring down his entire regime using only the 6 people he has with him,” Reynolds said.

Inside the DDP, as the premier night venue is also called, nearly 300 more fans gathered carrying either 6 Underground lightsticks, EXO’s lightsticks called Pharynx, or both for the excitement inside the hall brought by a live stunt simulation.

And of course, EXO’s performance of “Obsession,” the first single off their just-released sixth album with the same title, got everyone into the groove.

Chanyeol is a self-confessed Reynolds fan. “We are looking forward to the movie and we are so happy and I am very grateful to be here,” he said. Suho recalled how Chanyeol dressed up as Deadpool in one fan meeting.

“At the thought that we are able to meet not only Ryan Reynolds but also the director Michael Bay, we couldn’t help ourselves but come here, of course,” Suho added.

It was a fanboy moment for the K-pop idols when finally, Reynolds, along with Laurent, Arjona, Bryce, and Bay shared the stage with EXO. Reynolds did try to dance, but conceded it’s best to leave it to the experts. 

The Hollywood star had another light moment with EXO and shared it on his @VancityReynolds Twitter account.

6 Underground is undeniably Michael Bay with its high adrenaline action scenes, fast cuts, and stunning visuals and special effects that often draw the audience into the film, making them feel they’re in the scene and leaving them breathless. The movie trailer shown at the hall had everyone hyped up.

It’s a Michael Bay movie with no robots in it, obviously, Bryce told reporters.

“It’s more a character-based, more grounded… so it’s a different kind of movie for him (Bay) that’s why he was attracted to it; why I was attracted to it,” said Bryce, who’s behind a long list of blockbuster Hollywood movies.

A-Team: Producer Ian Bryce and director Michael Bay attend the world premiere of Netflix's '6 Underground' at Dongdaemun Design Plaza on December 02, 2019 in Seoul, South Korea. Photo courtesy of Netflix

Enjoying Korea: Adria Arjona gives fans a bright smile despite the chilly weather in Seoul, South Korea at the world premiere of Netflix's '6 Underground' at Dongdaemun Design Plaza on December 02, 2019. Photo courtesy of Netflix

It’s a grand movie in terms of scale and scope, Reynolds said. 

“This is a movie that is so big and is so muscular and is such an event that I’m just kind of floored the whole time. I sort of felt like a student over again, watching the movie, watching not just  the way Michael Bay works, but the entire team around him. For me, that was a real lesson,” he said. This was the reflective actor Reynolds talking.

And here’s funnyman, Deadpool Reynolds making a pitch for the movie, describing 6 Underground as “the Michael Bay movie that Michael Bay has ever Michael Bay’d.” 


Nikko Dizon

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