Turbo’s crew: Fastest snails in town

Get to know the snail racers from fun family film 'Turbo'

'TURBO.' Who knew snails could be fast and furious too?

MANILA, Philippines – Just how fast should you be to chase your dreams?

In his quest to become an Indy 500 racer, ordinary garden snail Turbo (voiced by Ryan Reynolds) goes from being a struggling slow poke to a neon bullet, racing through Los Angeles. A freak accident involving nitrous oxide alters his molecular structure, giving him a speed of up to 200 miles per hour.

As he and his brother Chet meet other snail racers along the way, they discover that there’s no speed limit when going after a dream.

Meet the members of the ‘Turbo’ crew here:


TURBO BROTHERS. Chet voiced by Paul Giamatti

Chet, also known as “Mr. Safety,” is Turbo’s older brother who believes life is best lived on the safe side. His life motto: “Do not try to leave your shell or do anything risky.”


WHIPLASH. Voiced by Samuel L. Jackson

Racing Snails leader and champion Whiplash has the power to fuel confidence and determination in his crew. With his charisma and warmth, he inspires his snail racers to push beyond their (speed) limits.


BURN. Voiced by Maya Rudolph of 'Saturday Night Live'

The only female in the crew, Burn runs on girl power and keeps steady amid the testosterone-fueled racetrack. But beneath the sassy attitude, the gum-chewing and the hard flame-throwing shell lies a soft side.

White Shadow

WHITE SHADOW. Voiced by former DreamWorks artist Mike Bell

The mysterious White Shadow prides himself with being “fast like a shadow,” however difficult that quality to comprehend. He dreams of someday having a burrito named after him called White Shadorrito.


SKIDMARK. Voiced by comedian Ben Schwartz

Also known as Number 13, Skidmark is a gravity-defying racer whose shell makes long, skidding noises, similar to a dragster’s.

Smoove Move

SMOOVE MOVE. Voiced by rapper Snoop Dogg

Smoove Move is a laid-back, slow-rider who chills through the tracks and lives by his mother’s words: “Don’t mess with what you’ve been blessed with. I’m S-to-the-M-to-the-double- O-V-E! Wouldn’t change that for the world! Preach.”

Watch the trailer here:

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‘Turbo’ opens in theaters July 19.

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