Movies playing this week: ‘Blood Ransom’, ‘Ouija’, and more
Movies playing this week: ‘Blood Ransom’, ‘Ouija’, and more
Want to laugh? Want to be scared? Here is this week's list of movies.

MANILA, Philippines – A woman tries to escape her dark side, while friends confront their fears when they awaken the dark powers of a spirit board. Blood Ransom and Ouija lead this week’s movie list.

Blood Ransom

Crystal (Anne Curtis), a mysterious woman, is taken by Jeremiah (Alexander Dreymon). He refuses to return her to her boyfriend Roman. They soon fall for each other, as Roman’s men chase after them. (READ: IN PHOTOS: Vhong, Solenn, Billy attend premiere of Anne Curtis movie ‘Blood Ransom’)





A group of friends confront their fears after awakening the dark powers of a Ouija board they played.





Mira is a woman cursed, turning into a witch as soon as the sun rises. She meets 3 different men across 6 generations, and falls in love with them. 




The Firefighters: The Unsung Heroes

The movie is based on the story of retired Chief Supt. Santiago Laguna, who was chief of the Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) and was given full support by the state-of-the-art Textfire Fire fighters/volunteers of Binondo. 



Sigaw sa Hatinggabi



The movie follows a TV production crew which records a group of paranormal investigators looking into a murder allegedly committed by a ghost.


Saints and Soldiers: Battle of the Tanks



A pair of tanks are sent to battle in a dangerous territory to fight a platoon of Nazis who won’t surrender.






A remake of the 1988 thriller, T’yanak is about the story of a baby who turns into a monster, terrorizing the village at night. 


Beauty in a Bottle



Three women face their physical insecurities and get caught up in the launch of a new beauty bottle.





A teen hunts down members of a human trafficking syndicate after her parents were murdered. 



John Wick



A one-time hit man goes back into business to take revenge on a gang that had taken everything from him.





Mayet struggles to get pregnant with her husband Abel. To what extent will Mayet go to fulfill her desire for a child? –



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