In Mikhail Red's horror flick 'Eerie,' faith and modern beliefs clash

MANILA, Philippines – Mikhail Red's Eerie will finally hit Philippine cinemas on Wednesday, March 27, nearly 4 months after it first premiered in Singapore last year. The movie will also get a commercial release in other Asian countries.

If reactions to the trailers are any indication, it's a flick everyone's eager to watch. 

Lead stars Charo Santos and Bea Alonzo are also looking forward to how the Filipino audience will receive the movie.

In Eerie, Bea plays Pat, a guidance counselor who investigates a suicide that takes place in the school. But her efforts face strong opposition from head nun and school principal Sor Alice (Charo).

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Red said the movie will show how modern beliefs and faith can be in conflict.

"I would say that they [Bea and Charo] represent [the] different sides. And it's going to be an intense...they each have their own... parang double edge sword iyan (it's a double edge sword) – may pros and cons. And from their characters perspective, they know they are right," the director said during a digital press conference of the movie on Saturday, March 23.

"As a filmmaker, I'm always drawn to stories or characters na morally ambigious, na you don't want to draw a line between the protagonist and antagonist di ba. It makes the story more interesting  interesting and makes the outcome unpredictable. Kasi (Because) as a viewer, you are put on the spot. Naibabalik sa iyo yung tanong na saan ka ba kakampi, ano ang pinaniniwalaan mo (You ask yourself: who do you believe?)," he said.

Red also made sure to be thoughtful when tackling mental health issues since students in the movie have died of apparent suicide. He also made sure that they tackle the matter properly.

"Whenever I make a genre film, there's always subtext.Without having divulging much personal and my writers – for us very close yung material. And a lot of it were drawn from personal experiences... personal feelings. And we really took time to I said hindi siya minadali (this was not rushed)," he said.

Eerie also stars Maxene Magalona and Jake Cuenca. –