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Catch free Mexican films at ‘Cine Mexico’ festival at Shangri-la Plaza
Catch free Mexican films at ‘Cine Mexico’ festival at Shangri-la Plaza

LA PROMESA. The film is part of the upcoming Cine Mexico festival in September.

Screenshot from Pelicula La Promesa's YouTube

Six films from Mexico will screen at the festival

MANILA, Philippines – In the mood for free movies? Here’s your chance – the Embassy of Mexico in the Philippines is holding its annual Cine Mexico film festival from September 7 to 11.

The festival will be held at the Red Carpet Cinema at Shangri-la Plaza. Six Mexican films will be screened: La Promesa (2018) by Oscar Blancarte, Ella Es Ramona (2015) by Hugo Rodriguez, Después de Lucia (2012) by Michael Franco, El Mar entre las Casas (2020) by Juan Pablo García Gordillo, 90 dias para el 2 de julio (2021) by Rafael Martinez Garcia, and Fuego Adentro (2020) by Jesús Mario Lozano.

La Promesa tells the story of a rebellious but intelligent child named Leo who strikes a friendship with his teacher Professor Cruz, who is struggling with depression after his wife leaves him.

Ella Es Ramona is about a woman, Ramona, who has struggled with being overweight all her life, and whose life might just take a turn after finding magical beetles in a Tarot café.

Después de Lucia follows a teenager in her journey of starting over at a new school and in a new town after the death of her mother.

El Mar entre las Casas tells the story of a biologist who returns to his hometown after the death of his mother and finds that she has left him a significant inheritance on the condition that he fulfills her expectations for him.

90 dias para el 2 de julio is about a 20-year-old man who hides in his home while the presidential elections pass, upon the request of his boyfriend Andrés, the presidential candidate of a very conservative party.

Fuego Adentro tells the story of a man who hides in a lost town until his younger brother finds him to bring him news of his beloved Marta and in the process uncovers a past he did not know and his destiny.

The festival schedule is as follows:

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