WATCH: A new trailer for 'Lady and the Tramp' remake is out

MANILA, Philippines – ICYMI, even Lady and the Tramp has been swept up in Disney's wave of "live-action" remakes – and the new trailer shows that the two dogs in love can be just as charming in CG as in 2D animation.

The trailer, released on October 14, shows the story of Lady and the Tramp, which by now will be familiar to most Disney kids.

Tramp, the free-spirited stray, meets Lady, a pampered housedog, and together the two go on an adventure that includes eating spaghetti on a lovely bella notte, evading capture from dog catchers, killing evil rats, and, finding their way back home.

The film premieres on November 12, on Disney's upcoming streaming platform, Disney+ – which, as of this writing, has no release date for the Philippines yet. –