Metro Manila Film Festival 2020 pushes through online

The Metro Manila Film Festival will go online this year due to the coronavirus pandemic.

On his social media accounts, Thursday, October 8, MMFF spokesman Noel Ferrer announced that the members of the MMFF executive committee (Execom) agreed to push through with the festival.

An online partner will be announced in the next few days, he said.

Pinakamalaking balita na magiging online na ang MMFF sa taong ito at i-aannounce sa susunod na mga araw ang magiging ka-partner ng worldwide streaming service ng mga entries ensuring that the biggest, the most popular and the longest running Filipino film festival will be happening everywhere – recreating happy traditions, and experiencing MMFF beyond-the-movies – together with the whole family,” Ferrer said.

(The big news is that the MMFF will be online this year and the partner for the worldwide streaming service of the entries will be announced in the next few days.)

Ferrer also announced that the members of the committee decided to move the deadline for finished films from October 15 to November 15. The deadline for finished movies from approved scripts was moved from October 31 to November 30.

Magandang balita rin na waived na ang mga entry fees ng mga isinubmit for consideration sa MMFF Summer Festival. They just have to fill out the forms for resubmission,” Ferrer said.

(Good news also that the entry fees from the MMFF Summer Festival have been waived. They just have to fill out the forms for resubmission.)

Dahil sa ONLINE distribution - mas maraming Pilipino ang makakapanood ng mga pelikula – pero isang major na kunsiderasyon ang pag-iwas sa piracy na natugunan naman ng magiging partner ng MMFF at i-aannounce sa mga darating na araw!

(Because the distribution is now online, more Filipinos will be able to watch films. A major consideration was piracy, which has been addressed by MMFF's partner and will be announced in the next few days. )

Last July, the Execom announced the first 4 movies that will be part of the film festival.

The second set of films are expected to be announced this October. –