WATCH: Netflix releases deleted scenes from BLACKPINK documentary

WATCH: Netflix releases deleted scenes from BLACKPINK documentary

BlackPink- LIGHT UP THE SKY (L to R) LISA, JENNIE, JISOO and ROSÉ from BlackPink- LIGHT UP THE SKY. Courtesy of NETFLIX/Netflix © 2020

Lisa woos a kitten, Rosé discovers why she should be shopping online more, and a bonus dance practice are among the deleted scenes of the BLACKPINK documentary

Netflix on Thursday, October 22, released 6 deleted scenes from Light Up The Sky, the documentary that gives fans a glimpse into the lives of Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa, the members of girl group BLACKPINK.

The first clip is of Rosé discovering she and Jennie have the same pants – except that she spent $1,000 while her groupmate got it for only $15.

The 3 clips, meanwhile, feature Rosé and Lisa during their trip out to a café. In the clips, Lisa tries (and fails) to woo a stray kitten, the two talk about how they used to always fight (they’re inseparable now), and how difficult it was for Rosé (who was born and raised and Australia) and Lisa (who was born and raised in Thailand) to adjust to Korean culture and etiquette.

The last clip is a near full video of the 4 practicing the steps to “Kill This Love,” which was released in April 2019.

Light Up The Sky, directed by Caroline Suh, features never-before-seen footage from the 4 girls’ childhood and trainee days, as well as footage from their world tour and Coachella performance.

BLACKPINK is among the biggest girl groups in the world today. It was formed and is managed by YG Entertainment, considered among the top entertainment companies in South Korea. –