WATCH: 'Over the Moon' is an animated out-of-this-world adventure

An ancient Chinese myth about the Moon Goddess is set to come alive in the upcoming animated film Over the Moon.

The film tells the story of a young girl named Fei Fei who builds a rocket ship to the moon, determined to prove the existence of the mythical Moon Goddess – who turns out to be a woman determined to get back her one true love – while singing and dancing like a pop superstar.

The official trailer for the film was released on Wednesday, September 23, giving viewers a glimpse of the colorful, whimsical world of the movie.

Playing the Moon Goddess Chang'e is Phillipa Soo, best known for originating the role of Eliza Schuyler in the Broadway smash hit Hamilton. Joining her are Cathy Ang, playing Fei Fei, Robert G. Chiu as Chin, Ken Jeong as Gobi, John Cho as the dad, Ruthie Ann Miles as the mom, Margaret Cho as Auntie Ling, Kimiko Glenn as Auntie Mei, Artt Butler as the uncle, and Sandra Oh as Mrs. Zhong.

The songs were done by Christopher Curtis (Chaplin) and Helen Park (KPOP), with a score by Oscar winner Steven Price (Gravity).

The film is penned by The Hate U Give writer Audrey Wells and directed and executive produced by Glen Keane, the director who won the Academy Award for Best Animated Short in 2018 for Dear Basketball, a film written and narrated by basketball great Kobe Bryant. It is co-directed by John Kahrs (Paperman).

The film's producers include Gennie Rim (Dear Basketball), and Peilin Chou (Abominable), with executive producers Janet Yang (The Joy Luck Club), Ruigang Li, Frank Zhu, Thomas Hui.

Over the Moon is set to premiere on Netflix on October 23. –