WATCH: Coleen Garcia, Xian Lim get dark and steamy in 'Sin Island’ trailer

MANILA, Philippines – Gino Santos’ Sin Island is set to hit theaters on Valentine’s Day, but the title alone should tell you it isn’t your usual date night flick. The recently-released trailer tells us that the movie is a thriller in every sense of the word – from the steamy scenes, to the extra-marital affairs that could (potentially) end in murder.

In the film, Xian Lim and Coleen Garcia step out of their usual girl-/boy-next-door personas to portay a married couple, David and Kanika, so passionately in love that they also very intensely part ways after Kanika is presumed to have an affair with another man.

Somehow, David winds up on a beach paradise and runs into a tattooed woman, Tasha (Nathalie Hart), doing sun salutations by the water, naked. Of course, they end up having an affair, because that’s just the way things go in an erotic thriller.

Kanika, in an attempt to patch things up, finds David right in the middle of this affair, and the two women go head-to-head to keep their man at whatever cost – even if that means throwing thinly-veiled death threats to each other in a sauna.

There are a few ways this movie could go, and audiences can find out when the film hits cinemas on February 14. –