WATCH: Ben&Ben jams with Thai duo Scrubb
WATCH: Ben&Ben jams with Thai duo Scrubb
The duo has become a hit with Pinoy listeners, after featuring in the hit show ‘2gether: The Series’

MANILA, Philippines – In the quarantine collaboration we never knew we needed, Ben&Ben and Scrubbs teamed up for a jam featuring the Thai duo’s hit song, “ทุกอย่าง (Everything).”

The video was shared by Ben&Ben on their Facebook page on May 14, and features the band playing various instruments – including household items – as they sing with Scrubb’s Torpong Ball Chantabubpha and Muey Thawatpon Wongbunsiri.

“Everything” was featured in the fourth episode of 2gether: The series, the Thai Boys Love (BL) show that put the band’s music on the Pinoy radar.

As Ball shared, JittiRain, the writer of the online novel 2gether was based on, was a fan of theirs. It was Scrubb’s music that inspired Jitti as he wrote the story of two college boys who fake a romantic relationship only to fall in love for real.

“Then it got published as a book. Finally, the series came out, which encouraged more people to listen to our songs. We have to thank Jitti, the author, for putting our songs in the original story and making all of these things happen,” Ball said.

2gether has become a beloved Friday habit among Filipino LGBTQ+ viewers, who tune in to GMMTV’s YouTube channel weekly to follow the story of Tine and Sarawat, the two impossibly good-looking boys at the center of the story.

The series has helped propel the Scrubb’s music to the top of the Spotify Philippines charts, counting at least 4 entries a day on the platform’s Viral Top 50 chart. Aside from “ทุกอย่าง (Everything),” their other songs that have become hits among local listeners include “ขอ (Wish),” “รอยยิ้ม (Smile),” and “ใกล้ (Close).”

The band also released a new single “ธรรมดา (Everyday)” earlier in the year. –