LISTEN: Sarah Geronimo, Ebe Dancel, Callalily and more take on Rico Blanco's greatest hits in new album

Some of Rico Blanco's greatest hits take on a new life in the Rico Blanco Songbook, a compilation album released on Friday, November 20.

The album features various artists singing Rico's songs, including both his solo work and his music for Rivermaya, which he fronted from 1994 to 2007.

Included in the album are "Umaaraw, Umuulan" from Rivermaya's 2001 album Tuloy ang Ligaya covered by December Avenue, "241" from Rivermaya's 2003 album Between the Stars and Waves as covered by Callalily, "Your Universe," from Rico's debut solo album of the same name covered by Sarah Geronimo, and "'Wag Mong Aminin" from Rico's 2015 album Dating Gawi covered by Ebe Dancel.

Other artists featured in the album include Janine Teñoso, December Avenue, Earl Generao, John Roa, This Band, Raphiel Shannon, Mayonnaise, Sponge Cola, and GIBBS.

Listen to the Rico Blanco Songbook here: