Autotelic’s Kai Honasan goes solo as Kai del Rio
Autotelic’s Kai Honasan goes solo as Kai del Rio
'After 10,000 late nights ng buhay banda, I un-joined the band,' Kai confesses on her Youtube channel

MANILA, Philippines – Pop-rock band Autotelic’s vocalist and keyboardist Kai Honasan announced on her Youtube channel Sunday, July 24, that she is reintroducing herself as solo artist Kai del Rio.

Autotelic’s Kai Honasan goes solo as Kai del Rio

In the video, she recounted her personal and professional journey during her 20s and early 30s, from her stint as a contestant on The Voice Philippines to marrying Chicosci bassist Eco del Rio.

She admitted that she had taken on a lot of responsibilities all at once during these years, including joining Autotelic in May 2014.

“After 10,000 late nights ng buhay banda (the band life), I un-joined the band,” Kai confessed, adding that the COVID-19 lockdowns had also encouraged her to “rediscover myself and figure myself out.”

“I feel like ngayon open book na ako (now I’m an open book), and I want to learn about as much as I can,” she continued. “But don’t get me wrong: music pa rin (it’s still music) at the end of the day…. I know I’m not alone, and I know we’ll all figure things out. Honestly, I really miss being onstage and I hope I see you guys there again soon.” –

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