Ben&Ben to hold live YouTube event for first international single, 'Doors'

MANILA, Philippines – Ben&Ben is going global as they release their first international single "Doors," on Thursday, April 16 – and the band is celebrating with a special YouTube live event on April 18 at 7 pm.

The launch will be done on Ben&Ben's YouTube channel, where the band will perform "Doors," as well as other tracks from their 2019 debut album Limasawa Street. Each member of the 9-piece folk-pop collective will be connecting from their respective homes.

Aside from launching their new single, the band also aims to raise funds for coronavirus relief in the Philippines.

After the event, the live stream will continue to be available on YouTube as a video on demand.

"'Doors' is one of the most personal songs that we've written. It’s about passive-aggressiveness, how it can ruin relationships, and how anyone can be on either the sending or receiving end of it," the band said of the new single.

"So much of the hurt in the world now, much of which we all experience daily as well, is caused by people not speaking what is really on their minds."

"We drew on our emotions on these topics to craft the melodies, riffs, beats, and textures of the song. It was done so quickly; one day we were jamming the song, and a few days after we already had the track on record. Everyone just performed their most raw and pure feelings to make the arrangement," they said.

“Doors” is mixed by Grammy Award-winning engineer Miles Walker, who has worked with Beyonce, Usher, Coldplay, Rihanna. It is mastered by Leon Zervos, who has worked with Pink, Maroon 5, Beastie Boys, Willy Nelson.

Listen to their newest single here:

The new release is another feather in Ben&Ben's cap – the band, which has over 3 million monthly listeners on Spotify, recently entered the Billboard Social 50 Chart, a popularity chart ranking the most active musical artists on the world’s leading social networking services. They've since climbed to #29 on the chart, ahead of international artists like Cardi B and Doja Cat.

Ben&Ben is made up of brothers Paolo Benjamin and Miguel Benjamin on acoustic guitars and vocals, Poch Barretto on electric guitar, Jam Villanueva on drums, Agnes Reoma on bass, Patricia Lasaten on keyboards, Toni Munoz and Andrew de Pano on percussions, and Keifer Cabugao on violin.

The band plans to continue releasing music throughout 2020 and plan to tour their live set again when possible. –